Living in China, Guangzhou?

Apply for live lessons!

If you're in Guangzhou or near, you can have a live lessons with Edson. There is nice practice room right in city center!

Making this room for own practicing, I`ve put there all the things which is necessary for study drums in a high level.

There is two kits: a hand/feet pad set for learn techniques, and Roland electronic drum-set for apply techniques in actual playing.

A good pad set is very important because here we can understand and practice most important techniques.

For hand techniques we have:

- a handmade "pizza" pad, maded by my friend in Ukraine;

- Dom Famularo`s pad sticks which have a incredible balance and weight;

- a mirror - is very important for practicing.

Practicing feet technique is also very important. I`d like to feel my feets playing as free as my hands can do!

For feet technique we have:

- DW 9000 double pedals - the best choise for practice feet techniques!

- Pearl feet practice pad - was chosen from many others because of good rebound, just like bass drum without any pillows inside.

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