About Edson

A Drummer from Ukraine, Edson has huge experience in teaching and playing different styles of music. He had many lessons with many great teachers, such as Dom Famularo, Maksym Deomin, Vadim Shapranov etc. All those teachers give great possibilities to learn drums and understand the bigger picture of playing music.
Being a student of great teachers, Edson also became a teacher to share his knowledge with his students. He was teaching in art schools and gives private lessons.
Edson has joined lots of bands in Ukraine and Russia, played different styles of music like metal, prog-rock, fusion, jazz, rock, pop, latin music.

He is most famous as a metal drummer by playing with bands ICON IN ME, MELANCHOLY, Put` Solnca.


ICON IN ME (modern trash metal) is a international project, including members from Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine. They have 2 full-length albums, several EP`s, played together with MACHINE HEAD, LAMB OF GOD, ANTHRAX, AMARANTHE and many more. Edson had joined this band as a touring drummer to play tours around Russia (Head Break Solution tour) and Sweden (Russian Bear Metal Attack tour) in years 2011-2012, and made drum recording for “Black Water” single.

MELANCHOLY (fusion-metal, progressive metal) is an incredible band from Russia,played lots of tours around Europe and have more than 20 releases. They played together with LAKE OF TEARS, PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, SADIST, WALTARI,ORPHANED LAND,KREATOR and many many more bands. Edson has joined this band as a session drummer to play several gigs in Russia and make few drum records for different albums.

Put` Solnca is one of most famous thrash metal bands in Russia. They are constantly touring around Europe and releasing albums. Edson has joined this band as a session drummer in the year 2013 to play Russian tour together with Alex Strike, the guitar player of another famous thrash-metal band “Master”.

In the year 2016, Edson came to China with one of his Ukrainian cover bands. After one year of living in China and playing shows for Chinese people, Edson decided to settle in this beautiful country and continue his performing and teaching career there. He is learning Chinese language for share all his experience with those who want to became a good drummer. He have students from very beginning level to drum teachers, who want to develop technical skills and understand drum concepts in American way, which Edson learn with Dom Famularo.


Edson is a member of SEN (Sabian Education Network) and D`addario Education Collective

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